Monday, March 29, 2010

Fasnacht Inspired Chocolate Pretzels

So Ally Oop's post on Fasnacht, and her inspired San Francisco trek for German style pretzels sent me down memory lane to a time when I had the most wonderful chocolate pretzels. I was living in Brussels, and had traveled to Germany, and found a bakery selling chocolate pretzels - a perfect combination of chocolate and saltiness - and something that I knew I'd never have again. But I might try to make them myself...

So, with Ally's post, and memories of Europe and East Coast pretzels on my brain, I scoured the internet for a recipe, and came across this one from the Suitcase Chef. With a few tweaks, some complete screw-ups (i.e. don't add your eggwash to the batter, it'll turn out way too liquidy and you'll have to add another cup of flour) I created some delicious chocolate pretzels.

They are a far cry from what I had in Europe... and are inferior to the Hammonds pretzels I crave from Lititz, Pennsylvania... but they'll do.

And they're definitely tasty.

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